Consulting Services

STMA provides value-added consulting services for a set of selected domestic and/or international clients interested in assessing global economic and technology news events.  For more than 20 years, STMA and its consultants have handled a wide variety of assignments ranging from predicting future scenarios, market studies, risk surveys and developing strategic plans for market penetration.  STMA is also noted for benchmarking and assessing foreign technology in industry, government laboratories and academia.  In developing countries, university research activities are especially important to follow since they are closely related to that country’s emerging strengths.

STMA offers tailor made market intelligence and advice both for firms looking to operate in the region and for those which wish to expand their presence.

In addition, STMA with its core set of advisors will monitor and/or evaluate new technologies, new markets, political trends and business opportunities for our clients. We provide customized research solutions for clients across a wide range of technologies, industries and markets.

STMA has chosen to grow by slowly diversifying its technical skills and business skills and supporting its clients in:

  • Benchmarking foreign and domestic technologies for the US Government and industry
    • Proven experience in the U.S. Department of Defense and industry
    • Over 25 years experience with over 60 world-wide studies
    • Special knowledge of Asia, including Japan, China and New Zealand; Eastern Europe; the Caucasus and Central Asia
    • Experience in identifying trends and avoiding business or technological surprises.
    • Development of performance metrics for private and public R&D organizations.


  • Business development specializing in US and foreign small-to-mid-size companies. 
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Plan development
    • Turning entrepreneurs to businessmen
    • Keeping your existing business in business
    • Creating Techno Parks and high-tech business incubators.


  • Training/Education.
    • Technology Transfer
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Business Incubator and Techno Park Creation
    • Distance Learning/conferencing
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