STMA has been a leader in developing tools for assessing foreign science and technology and successfully has provided reports to various branches of the U.S. Government since 1984. Technology assessment is the study and evaluation of new or existing technologies. It is based on the conviction that new developments within, and discoveries by, the scientific community are best understood by an interdisciplinary group of experts, including scientists as well as engineers and economists who come with a background of serving in academia, government and industry.  STMA’s principal, Dr. George Gamota initiated and helped develop such programs as: Foreign Applied Sciences Assessment Center (FASAC), Japanese Technology Evaluation Center (JTEC), U.S. Department of Defense’s EmergingTechnology (ET) program, and the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC).


The outcomes of the studies undertaken by these programs helped:
identify favorable conditions for the U.S. to

·        Invest in new areas of research,

·        Recognize opportunities to jointly fund new areas of research.

 In addition, these studies often:

·        Helped uncover surprises,

·        Recognized threats and/or false claims and

·        Saved public funding from being wasted.

Helping create a Business Incubator
 in Ukraine
Assessing Japanese Government
Program ERATO
Reviewing plans for a Techno Park
with USAID




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