Completion of Kharkiv Initiative Training

STMA was formed in 1984 when Dr. Gamota was professor of physics and director of the University of Michigan's Institute of Science & Technology.  Since its beginnings, STMA was always involved in education and training, initially developing training courses for technology evaluations, business development, including helping business start-ups.  When Dr. Gamota became director of the MITRE Institute, the educational part of MITRE Corporation, he instituted management training and re-engineering courses to train engineers for new careers.  As part of the Business Incubator Development (BID) program in Ukraine, Dr. Gamota developed a curriculum for business development and taught some of the courses.

Dr. Gamota brought distance learning (DL) to the MITRE Institute, and subsequently to Ukraine.  First with the support of the U.S. State Department he proposed and began the use of DL first in private business schools, and then in the deaf community.  STMA's associate, Dr. Ihor Katernyak is the director of the Ukrainian Distance Learning (UDL) organization, which has the capability of helping transport the DL knowhow to other developing countries.

Dr. Gamota was instrumental in organizing a Higher Education conference in Baku, Azerbaijan which brought together  government and academic leaders from Central Asia and the Caucasus. The conference was organized under the auspices of the American Physical Society.. Additionally he revieved business proposals for US CRDF, and taught business development courses in Ukraine and Georgia. In 2012 he was invited by the US State Department to travel to Kazakhstan's three major cities and meet with 15 universities and Government funding organizations. At each site he either delivered a lecture or provided consultations on innovation and business development..

Higher Education Conference, Baku Azerbaijan Training in Ukraine: Computers for the Hearing Impaired Business Development course, Pavlodar Kazakhstan
Higher Education Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan Completion of computer courses for the Hearing Impaired in Ukraine Signing of diplomas for graduates of business course at Pavlodar State University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
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